My watch is broken, can I still send it?

Yes. Most of the watches we receive don’t work and have not done so for many years.  They may also be in poor cosmetic condition.  Usually repairing them at a local jewellers is not economically viable. Please send them to us and we’ll find them a new home.

What happens to my watch when you receive it?

When we receive watches we determine the best way to raise the most for charity. Watches are sorted by age, type and condition. Watches are then sold through various outlets, including watchmakers, online auctions, collectors sites, and all money raised is sent direct to our chosen charity. If a watch is beyond help and not viable to fix, its parts may be disassembled and recycled, sold as craft & art supplies, job lots, or sold as spares/repairs.

How much will it cost to send my watch?

To send one watch should not cost you more than 83p when packed flat. A small parcel will cost no more than £3.00. This means it can be a very efficient way to donate to charity without having to dig deep in your pocket. Please ensure you have the correct postage amount before posting.

Can I send you my watches from another country?

Yes. We receive watches from many countries around the world. As we are not paying you for the watches please ensure the declared value is Nil, as we are unable to pay customs fees and charges when received from outside the European Union.

Are you a registered charity?

No. We operate on behalf of our chosen charity – Macmillan Cancer Support (Registered Charity in England and Wales – 261016). 100% of sales proceed are donated to Macmillan. Please contact Macmillan Fundraising Support Centre who will be happy to verify our work 0300 1000 200 quoting ‘106-817-550‘.

Can I donate funds to my own chosen charity or cause?

Yes, only if you have 50+ watches and we pre-approved your chosen charity or cause. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and available options. If you send your watches without first contacting us and we have not pre-approved your chosen charity or cause, all funds raised will be donated to Macmillan.

What percentage of money raised do you give to charity?

100%. We do not make a profit and we do not pay any wages. We give 100% of sales proceeds to charity.